Can Burning A Gas Stove Be Harmful?

A stove is fuelled with gases such as syngas, propane, natural gas, butane, liquefied petroleum gas, and other gases. Cooking with a best gas stove in India  releases harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. The higher intake of nitrogen dioxide can cause diseases such as asthma, cardiovascular effects, or even cancer. Also, kids experience neurological-related problems.

When people use ovens and gas stoves simultaneously, air pollution increases indoor. It may sometimes violate the outdoor air standards. Usually, people with older appliances and smaller kitchens are at more risk.

Features of A Gas Stove

The following are the features of a gas stove:

Burner: Many high-end gas stoves provide heavy-duty burners. You can purchase the required burner depending on the nature of the cooking.

Size: Usually, the gas stoves range from 30 to 42 inches. The top-inch model is used for industrial purposes.

Oven: Nowadays, many stoves are integrated with ovens. They have fans inside to keep the air circulation and to cook the food eventually.

Program controls:Many of the gas stoves come with program controls that can be handled easier. They have an LCD to show the settings. In some high-end gas stoves, standard features are inbuilt.

Here are the impacts of burning a gas stove:

Indoor air is mostly unregulated: Cooking with a gas stove emits harmful gases. They may be even 100 times higher than the outdoor pollution levels. Therefore, indoor air is mostly unregulated. 

Emission of harmful gases: Emission of harmful gases like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide causes respiratory or other diseases. Low maintaining of the gas stoves may result in higher carbon monoxide.

Children are at health risk: Exposure to indoor air pollution causes major health issues to the children at home.

Lower-income families are at higher risks: Usually, lower-income families have lower income and stay in multifamily buildings. They have higher impacts than the others.

Tips While Using Gas Stove

Installing carbon monoxide detectors:It is advisable to install carbon monoxide detectors in your kitchen or nearby rooms to meet the safety standards.

Ventilation: Leave your ventilation system or exhaust fan running at least for five minutes after cooking. You can even use the burner that is near to the ventilation.

Alternatively, if you do not have ventilation in your kitchen, keep your windows open whenever cooking. It lows indoor pollution to a good extent.

Minimize the gas stove usage:Use electric stoves, induction cooking appliances, electric kettles, and microwaves to reduce the usage of gas stoves.

Gas stoves with child-safe controls: Modern gas stoves come with child-safe controls and accidental ignition. It is very useful for people with kids.

Electric cooking is the best alternative to the gas stove since induction cooktop stoves do not release harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide or carbon monoxide. Gas stove pollution can harm the indoor air quality. The research says that cooking with gas stoves results in respiratory illness.


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