How to Calculate Two Wheeler Loan EMI Offline vs Online?


Bikes are the most convenient mode of vehicular transportation for the people of India. Two-wheelers hardly ever face parking issues as compared to four-wheelers. The insurance coverage of a two-wheeler is relatively easy and affordable, and they even save up the toll tax as they take up less space on the road.

Despite the growing craze for two-wheelers, the one thing that remains constant is the financial investment in the purchase that you make. You can choose to opt for a bike loan or any online lenders and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) like Bajaj Auto Finance. They provide fascinating and attractive financial deals and also have online tools like the bike EMI calculator.

The bike loan and EMI calculation can be done by yourself manually. You can use online EMI calculator tools to calculate the monthly instalments you are required to pay off the outstanding loan.

Bike Loan Calculation & Inputs

When you want to calculate and know how the bike loan works, you need the following input values to achieve a precise result.

       The principal loan amount which a borrower takes to purchase a bike

       The rate of interest that the lender charges on the principal amount

       The duration of the tenure. It is the time within which the loan repayment has to be completed.

If you fail to resolve your EMIs on time, it may result in you paying the penalty.

Offline EMI Calculation

You can use the formula mentioned here to calculate your two-wheeler EMI loan with manual inputs in offline mode.

EMI = [P * R * (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1]

The variable P, R and N denote the principal amount borrowed, interest rate, and tenure, respectively.

Online EMI Calculation

You can calculate the EMI loan of two-wheelers with online tools like the bike EMI calculator. You can use the EMI calculator without logging in anywhere, anytime and at any place.

It is simple to use and also faster than the manual offline procedure. You only need to set the correct values in the calculator, and within 5 seconds, you will undoubtedly get an accurate result. The EMI calculator is accessible on all devices.

Factors Affecting The Bike Loan

Several factors regulate and affect the bike loan interest rates. Apart from the industry competition between banks, NBFCs or online lenders, the factors include:

       The loan amount borrowed

       Tenure within which the repayment needs to be done

       Financial statement and stability

       Employment type and income

       Repayment schemes and schedules as per the company policy

       Any other outstanding loan payment

       Credit history

Bajaj Auto Finance

NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies), like the most diversified auto finance division- Bajaj Auto Finance provides desirable bikes with attractive features and innumerable benefits to their customers. For starters, you can easily and quickly calculate the bike EMI with the help of the online motorcycle EMI calculator it offers.

Their comfortable monthly instalment involves an interest rate of around 7.25% and onwards. You are also required to pay an additional possessing fee which ranges between only 1% to 3%, with maximum repayment tenure of about three months.


Depending upon your monthly income and financial statement, if you can afford to pay the entire amount all at once, EMIs generally don’t intervene in that scenario. EMIs are meant to reduce your burden. They make the purchase more affordable and allow you to pay comfortably through monthly instalments.

You can choose to use both offline and online EMI calculation procedures, whichever way you feel convenient.

The offline calculation mode makes the process a bit time consuming and lengthy. It may result in unwanted errors while making the vast calculation. You have to take care while assigning the correct values to the variables and getting the mathematics done right.

On the other hand, online bike EMI calculators reduce your burden of calculation. You can easily choose to set and change your values and repeat your math to get an accurate result in no time!


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