Win The Hearts Of Your Brothers With These Amazing Recipes Specially Created For Raksha Bandhan


You can buy beautiful rakhis online, you can send Rakhi gifts online. You can also celebrate your festival along with your loved ones over the internet. So now that you have saved all your efforts with the help of the internet. You can invest your efforts into cooking some delightful meals for your loved ones on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Given below is a list of amazing recipes that can help you win the heart of the brother and other family members.

Amritsari chhole kulche

This would definitely not be the first time that you have come across this famous dish. Many of you must have eaten it or at least heard of it on social media through your friends. The famous Amritsari Kulcha is basically bread and chickpeas along with boiled potatoes and tamarind that makes a delightful experience for the person to eat it.

Punjabi kadhi chawal

You would have definitely heard about the luscious taste of Punjabi kadhi. What makes it special is the flavourful spices and vegetables that grow in the fields of Punjab. You can enjoy the taste of khadi loaded in lots of water along with chawal. Your family members would definitely love this flavoursome cuisine from Punjab.

Aloo kachori  and kheer

Even if you are conscious about your weight and count calories in your food still you cannot step back from the delicious aloo Kachori that is full of flavours loaded with potatoes. The Kachori has a fantastic taste of tamarind and unripe mango as well. You can make as many Kachori as you want for your family and enjoy it along with kheer or you can have it as a snack along with tea as well.

Matar paneer and Naan

What is a special day without paneer? You would definitely include paneer in your menu for all your special occasions and Happy celebrations; whether they are birthdays, anniversaries or festivals like Holi, Diwali, Christmas or any other special day or joyful moment. You can enjoy the spicy taste of peas and Paneer along with butter naan and this would definitely give a delightful experience to your taste buds.

Rajma chawal

There would hardly be anyone who would refuse a plate of Rajma Chawal. After all, they are so tasty; you must have come across people who are die-hard fans of Rajma chawal and would do anything for it. So if you are wondering what to cook on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. You can get all your queries sorted by soaking some kidney beans just before the night of Raksha Bandhan and enjoy the meal during the afternoon.

Veg pulao

Although many people love non-veg biryani loaded with chicken and mutton, yet Raksha Bandhan is a day when people would hardly eat non-vegetarian food. So we need not to get disheartened because there is a tasty substitute for non-veg biryani! You can cook pulao loaded with vegetables and enjoy its flavour.

Daal baati choorma

If you are ready to do some labour at the festival in order to give a delightful experience to your guests; you should definitely try this tasty dish from Rajasthan. The delicious combination of pulses and the thick bread along with churma will definitely be a new experience to your family as they must have only heard about it and rarely eaten it and to make it more delightful, you can add some homemade sauce or chutney.

Homemade pizza

Although it is easy to get a hassle-free pizza delivery at your place; however, it would be more interesting to surprise your family members and other guests with homemade pizza with some special ingredients. You can also customise the pieces as per the requirements and the preferences of your family members. They would definitely like this effort made by you.


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