3 Most Common Auto Part Buyers As Per The US Import Data

Globally, the US is the second-largest importer of automotive parts. As per the US import data, the imported automotive products are roughly valued at around 320 Billion USD.

In the same year, 2019, the US market embraced a marginal export value of around 140 Billion USD. Interestingly, a year ahead in 2020, the US imported auto parts value scored 197% more than the exported value.


If you go through the market analysis, you will notice that the demand for auto parts is directly proportional to the growth statistics of the automakers, which in turn relies on the market flow of the products.

The US maintains a strong trade bond with its neighbours, which is essentially a beneficial factor to boost the sales sector.  

So, suppose you are looking forward to expanding your automotive business, set up an excellent client-customer reputation with the best possible supplies. In that case, to make your business successful, you can get started by contacting the following auto parts buyers.

Yamato Transport USA Incorporated

The final list of auto parts buyers includes Yamato Transport USA Incorporated, based in California, US. The importer company has a history of 8 recorded shipments with 4 total trading partners.

The top deals of the company consist of auto parts, hard shells, connector terminals, desktop calendars, trinket boxes, etc. The top arrival port destinations of the importer company majorly include California.

According to the intelligence trade data report, their recent shipment records hold supplies from Japan and Indonesia as the country of origin. Yamato Transport USA Incorporated has a typical trade route consisting of countries like- Japan, China and Indonesia, with the US as the import centre.

Schaeffler Group USA Incorporated

Schaeffler Group USA Incorporated is one of the essential importers based out of South Carolina, US. According to the global trade intelligence data, they have 20,034 recorded shipments with a total of 483 trading partners. They primarily deal with raw material auto parts, chains, bearings, engine component materials, linear and automotive parts.

They have some top arrival port destinations, including South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and California. Their recent shipment records hold Vietnam as an origin.

With the US being the centre of import, Schaeffler Group USA Incorporated has an extensive trade route comprising various countries like Czech Republic, India, Hungary, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Vietnam etc.

Keystone Automotive Industries Incorporated

Coming next to one of the standard auto parts buyers, namely Keystone Automotive Industries Incorporated. The company is a significantly considerable importer based out of Tennessee, US.

They have a total of 128 trading partners with a recorded shipment history of 8,185. The company's primary deals involve auto parts, bumper hood and fender hood grilles, fender doors in auto parts, bumper support tailgate, etc.

Their top arrival port destinations include- California, Washington, Georgia, New York and New Jersey. In addition, their recent shipment records hold supplies hailing from China.

Keystone Automotive Industries Incorporated has a trade route that constitutes various countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman, United Arab Emirates, etc.

How Lucrative Is The US Auto Parts Market?

When talking about the demand for auto parts in the market, it is important to analyze the reason behind why there is such demand or why the auto parts are vital. For instance, if we consider the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average span of a passenger vehicle lies between 10-12 years.

As a result, the auto parts and components must be changed or modified to eliminate any impending danger on the road. Such scenarios fuel the auto parts markets majorly in the US and also around the globe.

The auto parts for modification purposes generally include batteries, tires, bumper hood, brake parts, exhaust components, wheels, etc. A specific portion of the auto parts is dedicated to the US automotive aftermarket. The corresponding aftermarket size is estimated to reach 513.1 Billion USD by 2027.

The central concept behind auto parts is maintaining durability, efficiency, and smooth mobility throughout the vehicle's lifetime. Buying an auto part and modifying the vehicle is much more affordable. The auto parts market plays a significant role in boosting the US economy.

How To Sell Auto Parts in the US?

If you are interested in propagating your auto parts business in the US, you can start strategizing your market research by following crucial US import data trade statistics. It is essential to conduct extensive market studies and know your products before you initiate your selling process. 

Set up your store with a distinguishable impact, embed the valuable marketing insights by analyzing your competitors and pricing the products in the right way to gain client rapport.

You can make your business successful by consulting with the top common auto parts importers as mentioned above, as they have enormous supplies imported from diverse countries.


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