A Beginner’s Guide to Transcribing a One Hour Long Recording

When planning on transcribing a recording by yourself or seek professional assistance, money is believed to be a huge concern. Depending on exactly how many files you wish to convert into text documents, the additional costs may be quite prohibitive.

The other significant factor to take into account is how long the entire transcription process takes. If the time per audio is immensely high, you would not be able to carry things and still meet the deadlines.

If you wish to make an optimal decision for your projects, consider the duration for an expert transcriptionist and for an average person. Check out the given discussion to know more.

How Long It Takes to Transcribe a One Hour Long Recording?

According to the organizations providing the best transcription services, the time, no matter for how many years you have been creating audio transcriptions, can be influenced by several factors. Of course, a professional can overcome the obstacles much faster than a typical person, but an hour transcription can easily be doubled or tripled down the road based on the quality, regional accents, background noise, and potential research.

Quality- The entire quality of the recording has an immense impact on the speed. It is necessary to test the devices, especially the location of the microphone, before you start the recording. Make sure the audio is crystal clear and none of the speakers are muffled while they talk.

Regional Accents-A transcriptionist’s native language as well as regional accents can have a lot of effect on the speed. The closer the accent of the speaker is to his/her native language, the lesser time he/she will take to transcribe the audio. The speakers with thickest accents or those who switch between two or more languages as a part of the speech pattern make transcription really complicated.

Background Noise-Another essential factor to take into account is the entire environment where you are recording. Background noise makes it absolutely impossible to hear the phrases or at times complete sections of the audio. If the transcriptionist has to continuously rewind to interpret what is being said, the time will definitely go up.

Potential Research- Difficult subject matters can contribute to the entire average time. The professors, students, doctors, and lawyers can be really affected by this obstruction. If the topic of the recording is particularly complex or if the speakers use technical jargons, it will add time to the speed. Of course, in case do not have to do any extra research for the topic, this is not an issue.

Studies have shown that a common man transcribe a one hour long audio in approximately four hours. If any of the aforementioned factors change the file, the time will surely go up. A professional transcriptionist, on the other hand, would take about thirty minutes to transcribe the audio provided everything is in his/her favour.

Bottom Line

If indulging in transcription without any guidance seems challenging, you must contact any of the most renowned companies in the world. They must provide the lowest prices besides rapid turnaround times, so, you do not have to choose between budget and time.


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