Factors that Cause Wrinkles in People – Apart from Aging!


When it comes to wrinkles, people always consider or relate them with the aging. It is because with rising age, the skin tends to lose its elasticity,and at the same time, it also develops lines or folds. But experts have stated that wrinkles have to have to do with aging. Shocked?

Well, this is correct! There are a wide range of lifestyle and environmental factors that affect that overall facial appearance. These could be your highstress level, lack of adequate sleep, poor diet, and many other factors.

So, the fine lines around your forehead could be because of your lifestyle habits and not because of aging. Let’s find out some of the factors that cause wrinkles in people.

Glucose Levels or Sugar

We all know that sugar compels us to gain weight, especially in the abdominal region.But, another reason to put the sodas and sweets down is that they age the skin a lot. In addition, sugar deteriorates the elastin and collagen. So, in order to reapbigger benefits, a professional Alexandria VA plastic surgeon suggests removing it from the diet for at least two weeks.


A professional and reliable plastic surgeon suggests that squinting and other expressions that people make with your face shrinks the muscles and form wrinkles in no time. So, if you need new spectacles, please pay a visit to the optometrist as soon as possible. In worse cases, people also need to go for Blepharoplasty Fairfax VA. Make sure to discuss the expectations from the surgery and consult with the surgeon before you get on.

Excessive Stress

An unhealthy relationship or immense work pressure takes a great toll on your emotional and mental well-being. Unfortunately, it also hits you physically. Stress shoots up the cortisol levels that reduce the skin's capacity to hold back moisture, and thus the skin eventually gets saggy or droopy.

Sun Explore

Professionals offering facial plastic surgeries to restore the volume of the skin stated that UVA and UVB rays of the sun are mainlyaccountable for wrinkles. By not going to the beaches and synthetic tanning parlours, you are actually helping your skin to remain rejuvenated for a drawn-out period.

When venturing out during the day, please slather some sunscreen. In certain cases, people need to go for rhinoplasty in Chevy Chase, MD, or other preferred locations. The surgery helps to get the nasal cavity in the right posture that gets most of the damage from the sun exposure.


In most of cases, we do not see the level of pollution in the environment we live in, but it is responsible for the wrinkles. Pollution forces your skin to release free radicals and thus, damage it extensively. Several study reports have stated that women in urban settings have more wrinkles than the ones in rural areas. And you know the reason quite well!

So, now that you are aware of the reasons that cause wrinkles, it’s better to stay away from them and to have better protection. Feel free to reach the comment section and share your insights.


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