A convenient educational program designed for attaining a degree in any stream.

Distance education these days is a  goal-oriented concept.   These days even after the pandemic most teachers offer students a pacing guide, online lectures for attaining courses via distance. It reflects and gives an outline for how quickly the students should be progressing through the class.  The long-term courses are helpful for the students for achieving goals and objectives.

Now with LPU university distance education sticks to an easy schedule, with online learning. In fact, with the semester system, you should easily clear the exams.  A flexible learning schedule makes your life convenient. It means you can learn anytime at any place with online notes and e-learning facilities.

Sometimes we are unable to complete our studies for many reasons.  This is problematic for several students to attend the regular college.  It is very stressful for the student to attend classes with the mental pressure of other responsibilities.

The student is likely having difficulty in learning due to missed lectures in classrooms.  It is really hard for the students to retain any of the information.  Hence students always are rushing to complete all of the work at the end of the semester, which gives you a low percentage.  Sometimes in regular classes, students just set a schedule and move forward to meet those goals and deadlines. In online learning, the students facilitate e-learning notes.

 Hence the students can easily complete all work and grow from the experience.  In LPU university for distance education feels far less stress at the end of the semester and ultimately student real talent comes forward.

These are some programs you can do with distance learning.

 The program is designed for open and distance learning for attaining a graduate degree.  The program helps people to develop a dynamic personality as well as build confidence.

Commerce is one of the leading career courses which gives you a respective degree known as B.com.  This ensures you a secure future.  With a B.com degree, most companies offer decent salary packages. along with various norms.

A student studying business administration can choose the field of BBA. It will be exposed to all fields of business education and can also do MBA further. It includes general education, information systems, business, and management education.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a three years course for undergraduates. The degree in computer application awarded in India provides you excellence in various subjects. can work in the industry as System Analyst, Application Programmer after attaining a BCA degree.

  Hence students can choose any stream after 10+2. The minimum qualification is from any recognized 10+2 board and eligible to apply for the course. Students

 Its responsibility for the learning process for being an independent learner.  An independent learner will inherently take responsibility for the learning process and achieve the required degree without any mental pressure and lack of time. The students themselves push in their academic process. They also use resources provided online as a guide for learning.  

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